Why Organic?

   Kudo’s to the staff of Acres, USA for another great conference held at Omaha Nebraska from November 30 to December 2. It was gratifying to see and visit with old friends and acquaintances we have known and worked with for many years.  It was inspiring to feel the positive energy of the group. It is enlightening to visit with folks who have been involved in the organic movement as well as those just getting started.. 

   When meeting new folks at these meetings I like to find out what prompted them to join the organic crusade —- what was the turning point or the catalyst that influenced their decision.

   As you could imagine, the answers to my questioning are varied, fascinating, and covered a wide spectrum. Many of the younger set grew up on an organic farm.  Some folks made the switch because of bad experiences with toxic farm chemicals. A common thread is the concern about the quality and purity of our food supply.  Most are committed to the concept, originally promulgated by Dr. Wm Albrecht, that it takes healthy soil to have healthy crops, and healthy crops to have healthy animals and people. 

   Unfortunately, some admit to being in the organic market just for the extra money.  I believe that is the least desirable reason.  Without a strong dedication to basic natural principles it is easy to ‘fall out of the boat’ when financial tides get a little rough. 

   I can remember back in the early 1970’s when I first encountered what we now call “organic” production.  Some of these old-timers were ‘organic’ because they had never bought into the NPK fiasco and its related rescue chemicals. Some tried chemical farming for a while and then quit early on as they saw the deleterious effects on soil, crop, and animal health. The lower inputs and increased animal health experienced by these early natural farmers resulted in profitable enterprises even though they competed, without premiums, in the same market as conventional farmers.

 Magazines such as Acres, USA, Organic Gardening and Farming, and The Mother Earth News were a great help to those transitioning to a better way.

   Why are you organic?