Minerals & Spark Plugs  Team Players

I have often been accused of having a one-track mind with regard to feeding minerals, since I usually recommend feeding cafeteria-style minerals as a vital element in the treatment of most herd health or nutrition problems. 

There are several reasons for this:

  • Feeds are less mineralized today because of soil depletion and the adverse effects of commonly used herbicides. 
  • Confinement of livestock in CAFO’s restricts the exercise of an animal’s inate nutritional wisdom to pick what it needs — if given the choice.
  • It is easy to dump excess minerals into a ration or a TMR, but extremely difficult to attain a suitable balance for each individual animal.

Cafeteria-style mineral feeding adjusts for all three of these situations.

Consider this: trace minerals are an intrinsic part of the  enzymes   that modulate most metabolic processes.   Thus, trace minerals can be likened to spark plugs that modulate the function of gasoline motors.  If some spark plugs are missing or out of time  the engine will not operate efficienty or not run at all.  

Trace minerals, like spark plugs, are team players — they all must be working together to be effective.