Turkey Farm back in production!

jaindl-tour turkey-barns

I see where the first Minnesota turkey farm affected by the H5N2 avian virus in now back in production producing hatching eggs for the next batch of grower turkeys.  The virus was first diagnosed there in March and this guy lost 44,000 birds from death and depopulation.  According to the USDA, total lost in the US was 47 million birds. 

One of the leaders of a Minnesota poultry group says they are now looking for new ways to possibly retrofit existing poultry buildings with new ventilation and filtration systems to keep out viruses. This fellow said. "Ultimately, one of the key criteria is, what does that barn need to look like to keep birds healthy?" 

I think he is looking in the wrong place.   Poultry health depends on what you do to the birds in the building and not on how the building looks from the outside.  As long as the inmates are closely confined in a stressful, poorly ventilated space and fed antibiotics and glyphosate contaminated feed they will be easy prey to H5N2 or any other virus that comes along.    

  What say ye ?