The Population Bomb


    I had to chuckle when I recently read about Paul Ehrlich’s new  book - “The Population BombRevisited”- in which he predicts pretty much the same doomsday message he espoused in his original 1969 book, “The Population Bomb.”   Both books forsee a shattering collapse of civilization to be a near certaint in the next few decades.  

    For me, his reputation is somewhat tarnished by the fact that most of what  he predicted 50 years ago has not come to pass — but some of it has.  Back then he predicted mass starvation caused by rampant population growth. That hasn’t happened — yet — but is is happening.  There has been a tremendous population  increas in the last 50 years and there are parts of the world suffering from famine - mostly caused by faulty global distribution systems and not so much by failure to produce enough food.  

    His new book adds the problems of our continuing destruction of natural resources and the toxification of the planet’s farm land by products of Big-Pharma. Ehrlich wrote that the poisoning of our food may be more damaging that climate change.  He also pointed out that chemical contamination has caused sperm counts to plument world wide — which may contribute to population decline in the long run. 

    I started out to write this as a criticism of Ehrlich’s lack of accuracy in his predictions — but I was wrong.   Stick to your guns, Paul, the only mistake you made was in estimating the length of the time-line.