Sir Albert Howard - A Pioneer

 Sir Albert Howard, an Englishman,  is known as The Founder of Modern Organic Agriculture.  In 1940 he published a book entitled “An Agricultural Testament” detailing his research on composting as a method of increasing soil fertility. 

On the research farm, in Indore, India, his work animals were fed with fresh green fodder, silage, and grain, all produced from fertile land.   None  were segregated and none were vaccinated.    His oxen ofter came in contact with diseased stock suffering from diseases such as rinderpest, septicaemia, and foot-and-mouth disease.   

He wrote:  “I have several times seen my oxen rubbing noses with foot-and-mouth cases.  Nothing happened.  The healthy well-fed animals reacted to this disease exactly as suitable properly grown varieties of crops did to insect and fungus pests -- no infection took place.”

A favorite quote that typifies his findings:  ”The health of soil, plant, animal and man is one and indivisible.” 

Sir Albert’s book inspired J. I. Rodale to begin publishing the magazine Organic Gardening and Farming which was a powerful influence in the early organic movement in this country.