Shark Deaths vs Iatrogenic Deaths

The recent spate of shark attacks on the East coast attracted lots of attention by the press even though the average number of people killed by sharks is only about one a year.  The press also noted one death by alligator in Texas  - also about average.  Other reports indicate that bears kill about 1 person per year - Venomous snakes and lizards: 6 people per year - Spiders: 7-  Cows: 20 - Dogs: 28- Other mammals: 52 - Bees, wasps and hornets: 58. If you add all this up, you're left with a grand total of 174 animal-related deaths - a not indsignificant number.

But, consider this; there have been statistics published in the Journal of the American Medical Association indicating that ‘iatrogenic’  (Doctor caused) deaths account for more that 225,000 fatalities per year.  This makes the medical/pharmaceutical profession he third leading cause of death in the U.S., after heart disease and cancer. This astounding fact was not reported in the main-stream press. 

To put that into perspective - if one 747 Jetliner with 600 passengers aboard crashed and burned every day for a year that would also result in about 219,000 deaths.

The question is:  If that happened would the same number of people continue to make airline reservations as they now make appointments to see a Doctor ? 

What say ye ?