Scientific Truth

I read an article today in Dairy Herd Management in which the author bemoaned the fact that so many seemingly intelligent people no longer believed in science.  I could name several good reasons why I have very little faith in what is sometimes called “Good Science”.  Here are a couple that come to mind.

1. In many areas, scientific research and the promulgation of the results are profit driven.  For example, Monsanto funds the research, releases only the results that support sales, pays off government officials to look the other way and they tries to foist off its toxic products on to the consumers.  They safety tested glyphosate on 10 rats for 90 days and deemed it safe.  Then the French researcher Serelini did the same research for 2 years and found an alarmingly high incidence of cancer.  He was labeled as a naysayer and brutalized in the press. Monsanto is not alone in this.  Good science today seems to be anything that supports corporate profitability.

2. I think a good definition of science is .. “the orderly arrangement of what is currently considers to be true”.  What we consider to be true changes from day to day.  Eggs are bad for you and then suddenly eggs are good for you. Same with meat, milk, vaccinations and many drugs.  Note how many ‘wonder drugs‘ are suddenly removed from the market after years of popularity when the previously hidden side effects begin to surface.

I could go on and on with this - and probably will in a future blog entry.

“The scientific “truth” of today becomes the discarded error of tomorrow.”    From: “On growing Up Tough” by Taylor Caldwell