"Pink Slime" Lawsuit Settled

     I see ABC and BPI have settled the ‘pink slime’ lawsuit.  The suit alleged that back in 2012 ABC made derogatory remarks about BPI’s product,  ‘lean, finely textured beef’ causing it to be nicknamed ‘pink slime'.  The resulting public backlash at the product eroded BPI sales enough to cause the closure of three plants and the layoff of 700 workers.  ’The terms of the settlement   were not revealed but I’m betting the lawyers on both sides made out like bandits.

     I wonder, though, if those folks who balked at eating anything containing ’pink slime’ have ever eaten a hot-dog or a bologna sausage sandwich?    As Mark Twain so aptly put it;  “Those that respect the law and love sausage should watch neither being made.”  

     I’ve never watched the legislative process but I have seem bologna sausage being mede — and it is not pretty.

      Bologna is mostly made of pork  and contains a lot of lard, so its appearance is similar to pink slime only lighter in color.  Hot-dogs are about the same.  Years ago I saw the allowed ingredient list for both products — among other items it contained lips, gums, mammary tissue, soybean meal, and the Lord only knows what else. .  It’s all finely ground together, spices are added, and then it is extruded into the sausage casings.

 Given an informed choice, I think most folks would prefer the BPI’s 'lean, finely textured beef’ over the bologna or hot-dogs  

     I am more concerned about the coming influx of artificial meat looming on the horizon. I wonder what their labels will look like. They will probably contain GMO grains, MSG, glyphosate and who knows what else.