New Monsanto Technology 

Monsanto says their people and Harvard University scientists have come up with yet  another way to kill pesticide resistant pests. They claim that they can use something called PACE (phage-assisted continuous evolution) technology, to quickly identify proteins that have superior properties to kill pests.  Since this new method is 100 times faster, they hope to subdue the resistant pests before the culprits develop even more resistance.  Good Luck, Monsanto. The bugs and weeds have outfoxed you at every turn so far. I bet they will do it again. 


Their press release did not address the probability that newly identified “killer” proteins could and would probably have deleterious effects on other organisms besides the targeted species.  Biological overkill has happened before.  Will these new toxins be any different?

One of their spokesperson said they wanted to help the farmer get the most out of every acre.  Why don’t they do research to try to grow toxin-free food on every acre and bring safe, healthy food to the consumer?

I guess you have to give Monsanto credit, though.  They are persistent. They keep trying to fleece the public even while their empire is in a tailspin, with sales down over 25 percent, and most of Europe trying to kick them out.