More Technology Not A Fix                                   For Flawed Technology

The USDA recently approved new GM soybean and crops that are resistant to the effect of the Bayer’s Cambria herbicide.  This follows the previou s approval of GM soybeans and corn that are tolerant of the old 2,4-D herbicide.  Also up for EPA approval is Monsanto’s newest herbicide containing both dicamba and glyphosate. (This is, in itself, a step backwards as glyphosate was originally said to replace the old, more toxic herbicides. Remember Agent Orance from the Viet Nam era.)

While these latest examples of USDA’s allegiance to the biotechnology industry are touted as the next generation of herbicide-tolerant crops the truth is that these steps were taken to address the problem of herbicide resistant weeds which highlights the abysmal failure of GMO and glyphosate technology.

This is only one of the many examples of the failure of any bio- technology that ignores natural principles. The answer to the breakdown is not to add on more of the same but to return to systems that did work and look for more appropriate and common sense answers.

Check the labels!  I am always suspicious of any product that requires a Health Emergency telephone number on the label.