Mint Jelly or Jellyfish?

The recent episode in France where meat from a transgenic lamb was sold to the public as food illustrates some of the pitfalls of unbridled bioscience.  So much so-called scientific research today seems  frivolous and, although maybe not harmful, is not useful.  In this case, the genes of the dam were combined with genes from a jellyfish of all things!  ( I thought mint jelly was to be served with lamb, but ….?).    The jellyfish genes contained a green fluorescent protein (GFP), which made the ewe’s skin transparent, and bright in color.  WOW! how useful is that.  This sale was against the law but, obviously, the controls were not effective in preventing this transgenic meat from entering the food chain. 

Bioscience today has an even darker side and in many ways is like a whore to be pimped out to the highest bidder as an aid to foist off a duplicitous product to the general pubic or to influence political thought and propaganda, neither of which  benefits humankind.  

What say Ye?