Minerals for Multiple Species

A fellow who grazes several species together,— cattle, horses, sheep, goats, llama, and swine — recently asked me if a cafeteria-style mineral feeding program was feasible for that many different species.  I told him  as far a the minerals themselves were concerned, there was no problem.  All those species do well on a full array, self-select mineral program. 

That being said, I told him I wasn’t  sure how the delivery system would work.  Some things to consider.

  • Species compatibility.  Animals tend to congregate at mineral feeders. More aggressive species (or individual animals) may interfere with other animals having full access to the minerals. 
  • A basic feeder may not be easily accessible to all species, thus requiring other feeders of different design. 
  • Hogs tend to be messy eaters. Other species may not wish to eat at the same table. 
  • I would appreciate feed back from anyone who tries this or who already does this.