Minerals Are Team Players

A fellow approached me with a question about one of ABC’s products. His nutritionist had recommended he add some B vitamins to his rations.  He was wondering if the BVC-Mix would be suitable. I think I shocked him  when I told him that there were probably other and better choices. I went on to explain the BVC-Mix was not designed to be a stand-alone ration additive.  It was formulated to be one part of a specialized group of minerals and vitamins to be separately self fed to livestock in a cafeteria setting. The BVC-Mix was specifically designed not only to provide a source of B vitamins but also to provide other ingredients that support the production of essential vitamins in the gastrointestinal tract of the target animals.  It is part of the team - a team with up to 15 other players.  The players on the team, work together, to supply balanced vitamins and minerals to the animals.   

   Consider Mulder’s Wheel. This mineral wheel shows interactions of of some 21  minerals - out of a total of 118 that have been identified.  Any change to one element affects at least 2 more and each of those affects two more etc. Deficiencies or excesses of some elements alter the availability of other elements. These are individualized with regard to what the animals eat on a daily basis and further modified by individual variations in daily requirements of each separate mineral.  I doubt even a modern computer could sort it out but an animal, with the help of a team of minerals and vitamins can make the adjustment to its daily requirements.  

                                         Go Team !

   What would happen if you pulled a couple of members from a baseball or basketball team?

  What would it sound like if you silenced every 12th instrument of a concert orchestra or every 12th singer in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir?

   What would happen if you disconnected the wires from 2 or 3 of the spark plugs in the motor of a  @1930’s V16 Cadillac?

   What happens to animals when they do not have the 12 or 16 member mineral and vitamin team available to them?