Mineral Recommendations For One Cow

I was recently asked to recommend a mineral feeding program for one cow.  Not as easy at it sounds. There are many variables to consider and some of those variables change from day to day. 

While the optimum mineral program would be to provide the full array of Advanced Biological Products cafeteria style mineral program, that is not always feasible for one cow.

Here is a basic starter program.  

First of all, provide a way for the animal to self adjust the critical Calcium:Phosphorus ratio.  ABC’s Dairy 2:1 Mineral is a good source of Calcium and some other minerals and can be fed free choice.  Adding a self fed source of Phosphorus such as ABC’s P-Mix provides the opportunity to adjust the Ca:P ratio.  

Always have plain white salt available.

 Free choice kelp should also be fed as it is an excellent source for all trace minerals.  Feeding kelp free choice is sort of a diagnostic ploy, in that, excess consumption of kelp for over 4 to 6 weeks indicates a deficiency of one or more trace minerals. 

Eating dirt or chewing on wood are also indications of a mineral imbalance. The occurrence either of these two signs and/or excess kelp consumption would be a good indication to provide ABC’s 15 item Diagnostic Kit. 

For more background information on feeding minerals, check out these two sites: