EPA promotes crop rotation ? ? ? 

I see that the EPA’s new proposal to curtail the spread of resistant corn root worms would stipulate that GMO bT corn could only be planted for 2 years in a row and then the field would have to be planted to a different crop for a year. 

Hey, wait a minute!   Isn’t that what Grandpa did years ago - rotate crops to contain weeds, worms and insects?  I guess continuous mono-cropping with herbicides made things ‘easier” but at what cost.  Rotating crops and mechanical cultivation was cheaper in the long run and provided food that was safe to feed to man and beast alike.  Nowadays we must eat the ‘fankenfood’ foisted upon us by corporations like Monsanto and Dow Chemical.

If approved, the final ruling would affect areas of Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska and surrounding states. 

Does anyone else see the irony in the EPA finally doing something to actually protect the environment?