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Artificial Food

       As if GMO’s and genetically engineered crops were not enough, we are also being inundated with fake food being foisted upon us by commercial scientists. We have hydroponically grown vegetables, grown without soil but still approved as certified organic.  Soy milk and coconut milk is sold as a substitute for real milk.  To top it all off, we have laboratory grown chicken.

     The  latest addition to the list is “Perfect Day”, said to be “a cow milk made without cows.”  Two young biomedical engineering scientists claim to have perfected a process to create a synthetic milk that didn’t come from cows but tasted just like it and had all its nutrients.  I wonder who says it tastes just like cows milk?

     In the process, a 3D printer uses a cow’s DNA blueprint to create a DNA sequence which is inserted into a specific location in the regular yeast. When fermented, the genetically engineered yeast produces what the company refers to as “real milk proteins (casein and whey).”  These proteins are then combinesd with other plant based substances to create the lactose-free milk, which is claimed to be the same as cow’s milk in every meaningful way,” and tastes almost exactly the same.   I question the meaning of the phrases ‘in every meaningful way’ and ‘almost exactly.’ 

     The Perfect Day website states. “Our products are made from real milk proteins combined with plant-based (lactose-free) sugar, healthy plant fats, vitamins, and minerals, they have the same taste and texture as cow’s milk, but pack in more nutrition with no food safety or contamination concerns.”   I believe the statement “…made from real milk. …” is misleading when referring to laboratory modified yeast.

     Seems to me there are a lot of ambiguities in these claims. I doubt it’s the same exact thing found in cow’s milk

     I wonder what’s next?

God save us from running amok scientists!

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