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Professional Evolution

Over the last 60 years, in my progression from conventional veterinarian to holistic veterinarian,  I have advanced through three ascending levels.

While in conventional veterinary practice, I was oft engaged in ripping ovaries out of dogs and cats, relieving horses, cattle, and pigs of their testicles, and dehorning cattle.  When I was called to treat sick animals, I used convention drugs — which hopefully alleviated the symptoms but did not attack the cause. After about 15 years, as my awareness of holistic principles grew, I realized that I was more of a drug pusher than a doctor. I was using pharmaceuticals to cover up symptoms caused by mismanagement or gross ignorance. 

When I began working for the Impro Company, it was a step up. I had more opportunity to teach natural principles of animal health. But, I was still recommending products that treated the symptoms — now with natural products instead of drugs. 

My affiliation with Advanced Biological Concepts gave me the opportunity to teach and to recommend products and management strategies that support animal health on the most basic level — balanced cellular mineral nutrition.  

Working with the folks associated wth ABC has been the high point of my veterinary experience.. I am thankful to have had this opportunity and will be forever grateful to Jim and Gwen Helfter for providing it. 

Linus Pauling was the only person to win two unshared Nobel Prizes. He said; “You can trace every disease and every infection  to a mineral deficiency from unequally yoked energy fields.”