Accidental GMOs ?

A couple of scientists -- one from Rutgers here in the U.S. and one from the Max Plank Institute in Germany -- have extensively studied plant grafting.  They found that some grafted plants could exchange chloroplasts, organelles that carry out photosynthesis and also mitochondria,  energy-generating organelles – across the grafts.


They point out that farmers have been altering plants for thousands of years by grafting branches that bear delicious fruit into disease-resistant roots. They conclude that, since graåfting has been widely used for millennia, it is an unintentional form of genetic engineering and we have accidentally been eating GMO’s for centuries.

I think this is really a thinly-veiled attempt to legitimize the flawed “science’ of genetic modification.  Grafting fruiting branches of an apple tree to resistant roots is a far cry from irresponsibly mixing genetics from vastly different species.

I don’t know what these guys are ‘smokin’ but they are now trying to use grafting to create new species, such as a tomato-chilli mix - which would undoubtedly be a great boon for mankind by making it easier to make salsa. 

Who pays for this stuff?

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