A Quantum Leap?

     On our recent trip to Missouri, we stopped to look at some friend’s ‘new’ 1936 Buick sedan — a beautiful automobile.  It has an inline 8 cylinder reciprocating engine, using gasoline as fuel. It rides on pneumatic, air inflated rubber tires. It is stylishly aerodynamic. The doors have a solid thunk when closing.  All in all, it truly a classic car. 

     As I stood there admiring the vintage Buick, I glanced over at   my 2015 Toyota Sienna. I realized even with a technological span of 80 years. there were more similarities than differences between the two.

     My Toyota has a V-6 reciprocating engine with gasoline as fuel. It has air-inflated rubber tires.  The brakes, suspension, and steering mechanism are similar.  There have been many improvements and innovation over the 80 years— but no quantum leap in automotive technology.


     In contrast, I call your attention to the Dick Tracy comic strip — written by Chester Gould and first published in 1931.  In 1946, the author added  some innovative technology to the detective’s armamentarium — the 2-Way Wrist Radio.   This fictional device became the defining icon of the comic strip and may have inspired the smart watches and smart phones in common use today.  Truly a quantum leap in electronic technology.

     Some folks claim GMO and GE technology is a quantum leap in agricultural science and I guess they are right.  Seems to me, though, it’s a quantum leap in reverse. The false technology does nothing to  relieve world hunger — as it was touted to do —  and has added million of pounds of toxic pesticides to the environment. It has replaced good healthy food with toxic ‘frankenfood’ that looks like food but has lower nutritive value.